Technology Development Consulting

It's very common for technology companies to be successful in one geographic market and then expect that success to automatically translate into other geographic markets they enter into. Unfortunately this perception very rarely becomes reality unless the company takes into account the cultural and legal nuances of the markets they are entering.

Mack Events has the experience and expertise to advise on these issues, as well as more practical areas such as what's important to the business user. We have experience in geographical markets such as the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Middle East, Western Europe, China, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Technology in global markets

We also have experience with technology for event venues (including convention & exhibition centres, conference centres, stadia & arenas, hotels, performing arts theatres and universities and colleges), convention bureaus, exhibition organizers, meeting planners, conference organizers and special event managers.

International Representation of Technology Products

Once a product is ready for the international market, the next step that many technology companies falter at is how to introduce their product to the market. Mack Events offers representation of "best of breed" technology solutions in several geographic markets such as the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Middle East, Western Europe, China, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Global representation

With a vast network of contacts in all areas of the event industry, we offer our clients an immediate pipeline of prospects for their technologies. We have a proven track record of selling, and an extremely strong understanding of what it takes to make a product successful in a new market.

Technology Analysis and Selection

With so many technology options available to businesses involved in producing, managing and selling events, it can be extremely hard to choose the best suited product to your needs. Because we have been exposed to dozens of technology products over the past 20 years, we Selecting the best technology solutions have an intimate understanding of how to best match the technology to the business process.

In order to ensure the best product is selected it is critical that you go through a needs analysis process involving the key personnel that will be affected by the technology. We will facilitate this process and then guide you through the implementation to ensure you maximize the investment you have made.

Launch of Events/Publications

Launching events and publications

Many traditional and online media/event companies are looking to expand their reach internationally too. Mack Events can help you launch your event by assisting with discussions to host city government entities, venues, suppliers and potential sponsors. We can also assist with selling sponsorships and advertising.


"Steve is a tremendous talent who is able to understand the needs of his partners and reach the win-win solution with creativity and sincerity. Great business partner."

Brett Mitchell,
Regional Vice-President, Global Spectrum

"It was incredibly easy to build a rapid rapport with Steve given his key character traits of honesty, transparency and superlative customer service. Steve had the unique ability of transferring knowledge, passion and ownership for products/services to our business at our expense, and yet not once did I ever feel like we'd been 'sold' something."

"A man who is genuinely interested in every individual he meets and more passionate about the industry he works in than anyone I know. It always has been and always will be a pleasure to deal with Steve."

Andrew Sweet,
Manager Finance & IT, South Australia Cricket Association

"Steve is truly one of the most well versed experts in the area of meeting planning registration. I have had the good fortune of learning from Steve during one of his presentations. For information on meeting and event registration, Steve is definitely someone you want to listen to."

Jim Hernandez,
President, Strategic Business Communications

"Steve was very responsive to any perceived issue we had and was proactive in providing information on the how to take more advantage of the system and management information that we could readily access. On top of that, he was just a pleasant person to work with."

John Houghton,
Executive Vice-President, Metro Toronto Convention Centre

"What I like about Steve is that he really took the time to understand my point of view as a customer and why I might have wanted a certain feature, or why a particular process adaption could deliver greater benefit. He would then use this information within his company to improve the product where practical."

Timo Bayford,
Head of IT Communications, ExCel London

"Steve is one of the few marketing people that understand the importance of relationships and reliability. Not only did he always respond timeously, he always responded with substance and lasting solutions in mind. He gave proper attention to all our needs and played a critical role in the success of a difficult implementation.

"We valued his honesty and the fact that he not only represented his company and their products, but also the needs of his clients when it was required."

Victor Kotze,
Managing Director, ProsperIS Technology