About Us

Mack Events are event technology specialists for both event technology companies and also venues, exhibition managers and meeting planners.

Mack Events specialize in making the technology fit the requirement, not the other way around, whatever aspect of the industry you are involved in.

In this digital age, technology is an integral part of events

This is true whether you provide technology, organize, attend or host events. But how can you be sure you are using technology to best meet your goals? Mack Events understand that there is a major difference between what technology can provide and how business people need to use it. There are two critical sides of the event business that Mack Events work with - the technology developers and also the business users.

  • Event Technology Developers – many event technology companies have very successfully grown in local markets but stumble when taking that next step to “go global” – this may be because they don’t understand the nuances or cultural differences in working in other countries, or they are unsure of legal and standard requirements in markets outside of their own country. Mack Events has the global experience and knowledge to assist with not only the software development needs, but also what is required to set up your business in other parts of the world. Additionally, Mack Events can assist with your growth in these new markets, reselling or representing your products to our vast network of contacts.

  • Business Users (Venues, Exhibition Managers, Meeting Planners) – with so many technology options in the marketplace, it is extremely hard to choose the best suited product to your needs. Mack Events can assist you through the needs analysis process, product selection and ultimately implementation to ensure you have the right products to meet your requirements.


Steve Mackenzie has been involved in hospitality and events since 1985, and specifically with event technology since 1994. During this time Steve has held senior management positions with globally recognized technology companies such as Micros Fidelio, Ungerboeck Systems International and ASP Events.

He has lived in New Zealand, Australia and the USA and served on many industry association boards and committees in Australia and the USA, and has spoken at dozens of events around the world on the topic of event technology.

Steve Mackenzie

These days, Steve uses Sydney as a base but chances are you're more likely to run into him at an airport terminal somewhere around the world.

Steve Mackenzie, Managing Director