All Kinds of Events

Our Company

Mack Events is an event technology-focused company offering a variety of consulting and representation services. For event technology developers we offer expertise to assist with "internationalizing" software for market growth, and also representation of "best of breed" technology into new international markets.

For venues, event managers and meeting planners we offer consulting services to facilitate technology analysis and selection. We can assist with the launching of event industry-specific products, events and publications, and even destination representation where applicable. We have a global network of contacts within the industry and are members of several of the major industry associations.

Our Mission

To foster growth and creativity within events through the effective use of technology. We are firm believers that technology is just a tool to help the event manager - the event is what their focus should be on, so the technology must be the best fit and easy-to-use to facilitate this.

The Koru

Our symbol, the koru, embodies all that Mack Events represents. An icon of significant cultural meaning for the Maori of New Zealand, it symbolizes renewal and growth, the unfurling of something with great potential.

The Koru

It also represents change and rejuvenation. All of these attributes can be related to the services we offer, as our industry's requirements from technology are constantly changing, always growing.

Let Mack Events help you achieve your potential - to unfurl your Koru.